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Other mining equipment

Crushing and stowing machines, backfill equipment, shaft muckers, shaft drilling jumbos, mine car tipplers, crushers, winches and other mining equipment.

Machine is designed to mechanize the stowing operations in seam development drifts following the face.


The pneumatic stowing set of equipment is designed to mechanize stowing operations while driving seam development mine workings adjacent to faces.

KS-2U/40, 2KS-2U/40

The machines are designed to mechanize the loading of the blasted rock into shaft vehicles while sinking vertical shafts.


The shaft drilling jumbo is designed for mechanization of drilling blast holes, cementation, methane drainage and prospecting boreholes while sinking vertical shafts in the finished section.


The mine car tipplers are designed for the discharge of the closed box VG type cars without passing the electric locomotive.


The mine scraper winches are designed for delivery of debris along horizontal and inclined workings of coal mines with hazardous concentration of gas.


The crushers of this type are designed for primary and secondary crushing of coal, anthracite and combustible shale with inclusions of accompanying rocks.

SNYa_32 Pump Station

GP 0.25 Pneumatic Loader

LPAP_10 Sinking Winch



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